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For each type of Rider explained
why the wheelieskills could help you ride better.



Controlling wheelies can help you a lot with road racing. Even if you just only do regulary trackdays.

It can help you with the starts, exit out of corners or if you just want to do some showboating and crossing the finishline in style.



Who doensn't want to have such bike controle that they don't get scared when the motorcycle lifts its front wheel during acceleration. 

The wheeliecourse will help you getting more confident on the motorcycle! 

Ads great bike controle and will give you a smile on your face!



Most people will not have a problem to find things where it would be an advantage in Enduro when you have wheelie controle.

To many obstacles they have to jump on, wheelie over or lift the bike on.

All which uses mostly the clutch, throttle and rear brake.



With motocross it can help you in a lot of ways when you possess the art of wheelies.

With the roollers, bumps, whoops and even controling the dirtbike in the air during a jump with the throttle and foot brake,

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