Statements & Policy Stunt and WheelieSchool regarding Corona

Update 6th January, 2021

Times are still uncertain due to the ongoing corona policies worldwide. We have given it a lot of thought to how we can continue to offer and run attractive wheelie lessons for the 2021 season, while ensuring the safety of our customers at all times and offering the greatest possible planning security.
With this in mind the following conditions apply until further notice:​

  •   If a wheelielesson gets cancelled by Stunt and WheelieSchool due to Covid restrictions you receive a voucher with which you can book a new wheelielesson.

  •   If you as a participant are unable to attend a booked lesson due to Covid restrictions, send us an email with explanation. You will receive a voucher with which you can book a new wheelielesson..

  •   The COVID situation in the Netherlands is decisive for the decision whether we will hold or cancel a date. Cancelled appointments will not be postponed or made up for!

  •   Bookings can be made as usual online via our booking page.

  •   The safety procedures of the wheelielessons are always adapted to the Dutch Corona regulations.

Above terms and conditions apply to all wheelielessons for 2021
Contact us preferably by e-mail and place your bookings online, payments by Ideal, SEPA direct debit or bank transfer and PayPal.
With payments made by PayPal a full refund is only possible within 3 months after payment, after this time period paypal substracts a fee/percentage of the total ammount that will not be refunded.

Many thanks team Stunt and WheelieSchool!

Please stay safe and healthy!

Safety Measures

  • Two seperate setups on a 6000m2 area
  • Each instructor has his assigned students
  • 1,5 meter setup 
  • Desinfection spray available
  • Motorcycles are fully cleaned after each lesson
  • No gear available for rent